Vermont Peanut Butter: Mad River Mojo

The worlds first higher protein, spreadable trail mix. Almond Butter & Peanut Butter Blend


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We have developed the worlds first "SPREADABLE TRAIL MIX". Trail mix has always been the preferred food for hiking and athletic activity. Mojo has been described as any magic you can carry with you. This has anti-oxidant rich cranberries, omega 3 rich ORGANIC flax, a hint of cinnamon,heart healthy RAW pumpkin seeds, roasted almonds & peanuts blended with pure RAW Vermont honey. Eat this peanut butter and you may experience the magic.
10g of Protein per serving, low sugar, no hydrogenated or palm oils, AND GMO FREE !!
To continue our yummy innovations, we are now using two of the highest end, exceptionally aerobatic, and proprietary peanuts for all of our flavored varieties. The difference is like, "you gotta be kidding me phenomenal!"


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