Vermont Peanut Butter: Avalanche (White Chocolate)

The power of higher protein, packing an avalanche of vanilla flavor.


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The name says it all. With our secret blend of white chocolate into our dry roasted peanuts...we created a surprising, powerful and unpredictable addiction to peanut butter. It tastes like a silky sweet, vanilla peanut butter. (Does anyone remember what Fluff tastes like?) Get your fix. This one is a bit sinful, but we do not use the kind of white chocolate that contains yucky hydrogenated oils. Hey you gotta live a little!
10g of Protein per serving, low sugar, no hydrogenated or palm oils, AND GMO FREE!
To continue our yummy innovations, we are now using two of the highest end, exceptionally aromatic, and proprietary peanuts for all of our flavored varieties. The difference is like, "you gotta be kidding me phenomenal!"
Some companies use white chocolate that contains partially hydrogenated oils...We do not. 


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