Our Brands

Vermont Peanut Butter


  • No Added Oils or Refined Sugars
  • Non-GMO Ingredients
  • No preservatives, low sodium, high protein and high folate.
  • We utilize local ingredients when possible. VT Raw Honey and VT Maple Sugar to name a couple.
  • We use a specific combination of 100% USA grown top quality nuts roasted to caramelized perfection and a blanched proprietary blend.
  • We use the naturally occurring Whey Protein isolate in select nut butter blends to meet the healthy needs for people on the go and vegetarian diets; 30% More Protein than other peanut butter brands.

Big Jerk

ABC anti-bacterial cleanser

This fruit and vegetable cleanser is made from ten pure ingredients that include organic vegetable oils. Five essential oils traditional potassium mineral with water to produce a powerful cleanser that is safer and antibacterial.

Go to the official ABC antibacterial cleanser website for more info.